Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tara Reid fancies an Engagement Ring with her birthstone

Actress and former playboy play mate, Tara Reid got engaged at this weekend and got married the same day as well. And, on the same day she tweeted about how much she loved being a wife – Quite a hectic day it seems!
The 35-year old actress tied the knot with her Zack Kehayov on Saturday in Greece. Within few hours of tweeting that she got engaged, she updated the status to married and finally to that she loved ‘Being a wife’.
And yes, later she even shared her engagement ring pics on the web.
Jewelry expert Michael O’Connor said in US Weekly, “It looks like Tara is following latest Hollywood engagement ring trend which is using your birthstone as the center gem, in Tara’s case it would be Citrine, she she’s born in November.”
Tara ring features a round 12-carat citrine at the center that is surrounded by continuous series of diamonds. Set in platinum, the ring is estimated to be worth $25,000.