Friday, December 31, 2010

Sexy Tattoo Girl

Good Tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good. 
Getting a tattoo is a sign of independence and many tattooed women are proud to show their independence by sharing their tattoos with the world. You should get your tattoo design from only the Amazing Tattoo Girl. Spark your imagination and start creating an amazing tattoo art piece for yourself with thousands of high-quality designs to download.
Girls can look really sexy with just the right tattoo on their ankle. Tattoos can be flirty and feminine, or tough and enticing. With the right design and placement, a tattoo can change your whole look to make you appear more exotic and beautiful. But not just any ankle tattoo is a good choice.
Here are our recommendations.
This lovely brunette´s name is Sella Heartbreaker and I´m sure she could perfectly honor her name and break my heart in to a million little pieces with that perfect tattoo she´s got. 
This is perhaps a tribute to her single of the same title, which unfortunately didn’t become as popular as she hoped it to be. And here I am thinking she had more trashy taste in tattoos. I say this is a classy choice.

When one first thinks of the famous burlesque dancer, Eve Scarllet, tattoos don't necessarily come to mind. But Eve has a little secret. She has one tattoo and it is very noticeable and out in the open. Almost no one until now knew it was a tattoo. Thank goodness for the tattoo artist she spoke to because he talked her out of that regretful tattoo and suggested she get something a little more timeless and elegant.
Eve's beauty mark tattoo is not the only tattoo she thought about getting when she was younger.

Girls not only want to have fun with their tattoos, they also used them to express themselves. A hibiscus flower on the shoulder blade perhaps, a cherry blossom tattoo on the foot or a cute butterfly on the hip; whatever art she chooses, it can definitely add to her trendy and sexy persona.


These are just some of the tattoo designs that would still look beautiful and interesting even if they are tattooed on a miniature scale. They are best when inked on small areas of the body such as foot, ankle, wrist, upper back, and even lower back and shoulder blade.

Borders belt and shaving bag
(buckle not included)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


As we always do at the close of each year, Viva la wedding would like to take a moment to thank all the wonderful people we’ve had the pleasure of working with in 2010 and embrace the year ahead.

We feel honoured to have been chosen by so many fabulous couples this past year as their preferred wedding coordinator and are grateful for the bonds we formed not only with these couples but their families as well. We enjoyed being a part of each and every wedding we coordinated over the past twelve months and want to thank you all for allowing us to be a part of your special day. We wish all our 2010 couples a happy and healthy future.

Of course these weddings would never have been possible without the hard work of the many exceptional wedding vendors we are fortunate to have access to in the Ottawa area. Viva has developed outstanding relationships with some of the most established and reputable industry experts the city has to offer. Thank you for your talent, professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond to make our couples happy. Viva la wedding is looking forward to working with you all again in 2011.

Forward to 2011, Viva is excited to continue building the bonds now forming with our 2011/2012 couples. From simple and intimate to simply extravagant, Viva is thrilled about every single wedding that lies ahead. Not only will we be coordinating at some fun new venues, along with our old favourites, but we’re excited to welcome some new vendors who will be working on our weddings as well. Collaborating with our tried and true wedding industry professionals as well as embracing some newer wedding vendors now on the scene, Viva la wedding couldn’t be happier about our couples’ upcoming weddings and the year that lies ahead!

Happy New Year from Viva la wedding and All The Best to everyone in 2011!!

Photo Credits: Platinum Floral

Friday, December 24, 2010


Viva la wedding would like to wish all our wonderful 2010 couples a Merry 1st Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Diamond Engagement Rings: Historical Fact

There is no doubt in the fact that women simply love and adore diamonds. Irrespective of the form of jewelry it accompanies, they love this rare and stunningly beautiful stone beyond words. Be it diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets or diamond necklaces, every piece of diamond jewelry is something a woman cherishes forever. 1.2-Carat-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-and-Wedding-Band-Set-in-14K-White-Gold_DRW16380_Reg
But in spite of a countless options in diamond jewelry her favorite is surely her sparkling diamond engagement ring and not without reason. Diamond engagement rings are the most popular and traditional form of engagement rings that have continued to win over the hearts of women through the centuries with their irresistible shimmer and endless beauty. But have you ever stopped to think how the immaculate diamond engagement rings came to be so popular and the history behind this highly coveted and special piece of jewelry.
Let’s start by telling you that the very first diamond engagement ring was presented to Mary of Burgundy in the year 1477 by Archduke Maximillian of Austria as a promise of marriage and this soon became a trend amongst the wealthy. ArRound-Diamond-Fashion-Band-in-14k-White-Gold_GRW48062_Regound 1870, with the discovery of mines in South Africa diamonds became a lot more accessible to people who started giving away diamond engagement rings as a sign of betrothal. This was also the time that the conglomerate De Beers was formed who ensured that diamonds reached the desired market destinations.
When Depression struck in the late 1930s and the market for diamonds was abysmally low Sir Ernest Oppenheimer of De Beers sent his team to New York and that is where the famous punch line ‘A Diamond is Forever’ was conceived. This triggered the use of diamonds in engagement rings and diamond engagement rings came to be the most desirable versioWhite-and-Brown-Diamond-Designer-Fashion-Band-in-10K-White-Gold_GRW58473_Regn.
Talking of the history of diamond engagement rings another interesting fact that deserves mention is the smallest engagement ring that was ever given. This happened in the year 1518 when the two year old daughter of Henry VIII, Mary was given the tiny engagement ring set with a diamond on the occasion of her betrothal to the infant Dauphin pf France who happened to be the son of King Francis I.
The highly sought after diamond solitaire engagement ring that women simply worship these days was introduced some time in the late nineteenth century. These diamond solitaire rings are the most popular and sought after variation of diamond engagement rings and needless to say are highly prized for their stark yet startling beauty.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Published twice a year, in July and December, Ottawa Wedding Magazine provides all the information and options you need to make your dream of a wedding day come true. From real wedding features, advice on planning, news about the latest trends, vendor listings and more... OWM is the must-have guide for Ottawa's brides-to-be.

What sets this wedding magazine apart from the others? OWM caters specifically to Ottawa area brides. All the features and vendor listings are local. Finally, Ottawa has our own Wedding Magazine!

OWM is circulated at The Wedding Palace Bridal Show in January, the Ottawa Wedding Show in March and September and at The Bay & Home Outfitters gift registry locations in Ottawa. You can also now find Ottawa Wedding Magazine on newsstands at Chapters, Loblaws, Shoppers, Walmart, and many more outlets across the city. Get your copy of the latest Spring/Summer issue on newsstands today, and look for Viva's ad along with many of our other Ottawa area vendor favourites!

Photo Credits: Image for Viva's ad by Derrick Rice, Design of Viva's ad by Cinnamon Toast New Media

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Most Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement Rings are perhaps the most cherished jewelry that a girl wears. It is something that she would look each day for the rest of her life with fond memories. For something so important, you would definitely want to make it right. Below are some of the most popular and the most classic styles of engagement rings.    
Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings  1.7-Carat-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-and-Wedding-Band-Set-in-14K-White-Gold_DRW17021_RegThere might be hundreds of stunning designs available in the market, but when it comes to engagement rings nothing comes even close to diamond solitaire engagement rings. Diamond solitaire rings are a classic when it comes to engagement rings, they have a timeless beauty and grace that no other piece of jewelry can match.
However, in diamond solitaire ring itself there is wide variety to choose from. The diamond shape, the setting type and the metal type that you choose can give your diamond ring a completely different identity and style. Round, oval and princess are the most popular of the shapes; prong and bezel are the most popular setting type; white gold, platinum and yellow gold are the most popular metal types.
Three stone Engagement Ring 2.3-Carat-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-and-Wedding-Band-Set-in-14K-White-Gold_DRW17139_RegAlso known as past, present and future ring; the ring is held symbolic of a couple’s time spent together. The ring is a beautiful combination of style and elegance. Three stone rings also come in a large array of deigns. A typical three stone ring would have all three stones diamonds, of same shape and preferably round. But then you can obviously play with the stone shape and setting to give it your personal touch. Another popular style of three stone rings has the center stone slightly larger than the other two. In this style the side stone can be different than the center stone, for example you can have the center stone as sapphire of ruby and diamond for the side stone.
Colored Gemstone Ring with Diamond Border
Another very popular style of engagement ring is one with colored gemstone at the center bordered with diamonds. One such famous engagement ring was that of Princess Diana. The ring had a huge oval blue sapphire at the center which was surrounded by 14 round diamonds. These types of rings have an inimitable grandeur to them. The big three, that is, ruby, sapphire and emerald are the most common choices for the center stones in such rings. These rings work great for people who like to have colors in their jewelry. A great stunner, the ring is sure to sweep your girl off her feet.

Friday, December 3, 2010


There's something about With Love Bridal that keeps us coming back...

Could it be the beautiful boutique style shop? The fabulous selection of consignment and brand new designer dresses? Or maybe it's the owners, Becky and Dana, who work so hard to ensure your experience at With Love is beyond exceptional?

Of course these are all great reasons why Viva is in love with With Love but let's be honest, it's the jewelry that keeps us coming back for more. Staying true to their goal of offering brides a unique and personalized shopping experience, the jewelry With Love carries is all hand crafted by local Ottawa area artists.

Viva's brides already know and love the talented
Sarah Walsh who has been one of our preferred makeup artists for years, but Sarah's talent doesn't stop there. Sarah also designs stunning jewelry using freshwater pearls, swarovski crystal, sterling silver, and gold. Perfect for the bride (and bridal party) on her wedding day!

Another one of our favourites are the city inspired pieces
Urbanite Jewelry creates using colours and materials (precious metals, wood, and glass) to help bring out each city's personality. These pieces are so unique. Truly one of a kind.

Along with Something Jeweled by Sarah Walsh and Urbanite Jewelry, you can also find designs created by Frash Femme, Seven15, and Sanddesigns.

The best part about all this jewelry is that you don't have to be a bride to buy it, which I guess is why we keep finding excuses to pop into With Love when ever we can. Whether you're looking for some sparkle to spice up that little black dress you're planning on wearing to an upcoming Christmas/New Year's Eve party or simply on a hunt for something a little more "everyday", there's a piece (or two) for everyone.

And what perfect timing is this? With Love Bridal Boutique is having a jewelry show this Sunday, December 5th from 10am to 2pm. We'll see you there!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jewelry Gift Ideas for this Christmas

Christmas is a time to celebrate in the wondrous gifts of love, blessings and good wishes. It is also the time of the year when we all indulge in as well as exchange loads of gifts and presents. Talking of gifts, Christmas is one occasion where nothing less than the very best will do. So like every year don the Santa look and pick up something that’s rare and exclusive for your loved ones. If you are planning on something really exclusive and beautiful this year, something that can be treasured for years, nothing will be more perfect than a gift of jewelry this Christmas. dealsohot
There is something totally exhilarating in shopping for jewelry for people you love that too at a time like Christmas when festivities are in full swing. Besides it is always a wonderful experience shopping for jewelry especially these days where a wide range of some truly charming pieces of jewelry are available whether in diamonds or in colored gemstones. In fact for Christmas, colored gemstone jewelry make lovely gifts and since they are available in so many different hues you can go right ahead and shop for a mix of all kinds based on the color of gemstone one prefers.
But one thing is for sure, since red and green are the colors we mostly associate with Christmas, a gift of ruby or emerald jewelry would be perfect for a Christmas present. You can select from a wide range of ruby rings, ruby earrings and ruby pendants or emerald earrings, emerald pendants and emerald rings. Another great idea would be something that combines the fiery red and the lush green of rubies and emeralds in one single piece of jewelry.
Sapphires being one of the most popular gemstone in the world these days and sapphire jewelry being highly sought after, they make lovely presents during Christmas time. Whether sapphires set alone or accompanied with the dazzle of diamonds, every piece of sapphire jewelry looks unique whether it is sapphire rings, sapphire earrings or sapphire pendants.
Since gemstone jewelry comes in such a fine and varied array where you have so many different styles to choose from, for example in gemstone earrings you have gemstone studs, gemstone drops, gemstone hoops, gemstone chandelier earrings and gemstone danglers to name a few choose the jewelry that is in sync with the individual’s taste and liking. The same applies to gemstone rings and gemstone pendants where you have myriad choices.
So make this Christmas a lovely occasion and mark it with a special gift of jewelry.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ideas for getting the Engagement Ring Engraved

An engagement ring is a very special piece of jewelry that holds a great deal of meaning and significance in a woman’s life. It is true that every woman holds this particular piece of jewelry really close to her heart and irrespective of the way it looks she treasures her sapphire engagement rings for as long as she lives. However there are certain engagement rings that with a personal and exceptional touch look not only beautiful but become even more significant.
So if you are planning to surprise your sweetheart with an extraordinary engagement ring, make sure you add that extra something that will add to its symbolism. With a little engraving on the ruby engagement rings not only will you communicate your heartfelt love for her but will also add a unique and personal touch to the ring making it even more cherished for your beloved.
The most obvious engravings would be your darling’s name or her initials. You can even add to that the date you first met or any other special date that you both share. Needless to mention the simple words ‘I love you’ would also be perfect as an engagement ring engraving for it communicates in the most basic words how very much she means to you.
Something really romantic would be a phrase or a few words from a love song, but here’s one thing that you must keep in mind, there is not much text that a ring engraving can accommodate so it has to be something that is short and precise. You can even have the special name you call her by engraved and trust me this is something that is sure to light up her face every time she steals a glance at her favorite engagement ring.
Symbols without saying much can still manage to communicate a great deal and in the case of an engagement ring engraving what can possibly be more suitable than a the symbol of a heart. Get a heart symbol engraved on the engagement ring and an even better idea would be to engrave her initials or both your initials right at the center of the heart. Don’t forget women are die hard romantics and an act like this is sure to steal her very heart away.
Now that you have al the wonderful engagement ring ideas make sure you put them to the right use and see your love bask in sheer joy.

Extended Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday offers extended at for online jewelry buyers., the premier online jeweler of gemstone jewelry and diamond jewelry is offering a unique gift. On every purchase above $ 999, there is an awesome iridescent opal worth $ 200.
The ‘Good, Better and Best and Lab Created’ designs of gemstone and diamond jewelry makes the perfect destination, as you can choose identical designs of rings, earrings or pendants at four different prices. is able to do this because they clearly apprise the customer of the quality of gemstone that is being chosen; which is also how they offer three different pieces in identical design.
There is an extra 10% off on entering code ‘HOLIDAY’ at checkout, so this makes the deal super cool. Cyber Monday offer on is ideal if you want to pick jewelry gifts for Christmas at affordable prices.
The running EasyPay option on allows customers to pay for sapphire rings, ruby rings and emerald rings in three timed installments. What this translates to is that if you choose an emerald ring worth $ 300, it is yours instantly if you opt to pay interest free installments of $100 over the next three months.