Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Inimitable Jewelry as Engagement Rings: Find the Jewelry Designer in You

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect present for your loved one when it comes to engagement rings. An engagement Ring has been most important piece of jewelry in a relationship. You must have researched about them and found the famous and legendary engagement rings given and customized for that special one. Engagement rings are customized as a tradition in the royals and celebs like the famous engagement ring that was designed by Brad Pitt for Jennifer Aniston costing a bomb. Here is an easy solution for this, (I mean easy on the pocket) when you buy jewelry online from virtual jewelry shops like Angara you too have an option to customize your own engagement ring and create designs by playing around with different colored gemstones.
These designs are designed by you making them unique and meaningful for your loved one to appreciate and admire. Imagine the look on your loved one’s face when you tell her/him that have designed it yourself.
Nothing is more exciting than designing your own engagement ring and gifting it to the one you love. Such design will remain memorable and meaningful all lifelong.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

HOME OF PRETTY was created by Jen and Jamie - two stylists from LA who are inspired by color, wild about cupcakes (hence their motto "dress like a cupcake should feel") and enjoy laughing until soda comes out their noses. With a bio like that, how can you not love these two?!

Their pieces have been featured on many a celebrity head (Taylor Swift is a big fan!) and in countless magazines (Glamour, The Oprah Magazine, People, US, In Touch, InStyle Weddings, and Martha Stewart Weddings to name just a few).

Recently launched, Black Label is their couture collection. With a nod to hollywood glamour and a wink at many current trends, these pieces are all either one of a kind or limited edition.

The line is where it all began. While not one of a kind, these vintage inspired pieces are spectacular.

And of course there's the line Viva is all over - for the bride. Choosing which head pieces to feature on our blog from this collection was a painful process. They're all so fabulous! But alas, we finally narrowed it down to a few favourites. Be sure to check out the link above to view the rest. You won't be dissapointed!

PS. Yes ladies, they ship to Canada! We would never be so cruel as to tempt you with these beautiful images otherwise.

As Jen & Jamie would say - They are guaranteed to make you feel special and pretty and they're still cheaper than plastic surgery. Feel pretty. Wear

Monday, April 19, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day

Thursday, April 22 is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Now is the perfect time to think about ways to protect our planet and ensure clean air and water for plants and animal alike. The theme is “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” The Earth has been used exhaustively causing depletinn of natural resources. Mining and drilling process employed to extract the natural resources out of the earth crust results in global warming, endangering of species of plants & animals, pollution, and deterioration of earth crust.
Now is our chance to contribute to this cause, on this Earth Day let’s buy and gift Lab created gemstones to ensure that deterioration of earth crust is discouraged and help support “reduce”. Reduce the depletion of natural resources, our forests, our wild life, and our plants. Let’s set an example and be in-charge. Buy lab created gemstones engagement rings; these have inspiring colors of nature like the colors of the ocean (Sapphire or Aquamarine or Tanzanite), colors of the forest (Emerald), and colors of fire (Ruby). These lab created gemstones are real, flawless and vivid in color. Buy and gift lab created engagement rings and join our mission to save our planet.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Engagement Rings & Heirloom Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a ring worn by women indicating that she is betrothed, or engaged to be married. Traditional, an engagement ring is a betrothed gift given by a man to a woman while proposing to her or after the woman accepts his proposal.
In countries like US and UK the engagement ring is wore in the left hand ring finger, while in other countries such as Poland, Ukraine the engagement ring is wore in the right hand ring finger.
Many families follow this tradition where couples know for years how special their parents’ marriage is and have dreamed of presenting their beloved the same ring to bring good fortune to their own union. Many parents or grandparents, enjoy passing on jewelry to bring blessings and good fortune upon a new union in marriage. This kind of rings is called the Heirloom Engagement Rings.
The design of the ring should be wearable and hassle-free. Angara has a unique collection of engagement rings that are designed considering the different likes of the wearer. From vintage to modern designs, it has all, at affordable prices.
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I love fresh flowers! Not only do I think they look beautiful in the hands of a bride as she walks down the aisle; hanging from shepherds hooks at the ceremony site; as centerpieces on the table at dinner; and throughout the venue as decor - they also look great on the corner of my desk as I work on checklists and timelines for the day of. Fresh flowers make me happy!

The flowers below make me happy too. Granted they're not fresh, but they are just so original and absolutely stunning it's hard not to love them.

Made of balsa wood, that's right - wood, this bouquet seems quite life like until you take a closer look. Check out Krislyn to see their fabulous corsages and head pieces made of wood as well.

These bouquets were created by Amanda Heer of Fantasy Floral - Home Of The Brooch Bouquets. Each bouquet is made up of several brooches in different sizes, styles and colours giving you a very vintage look.

And these handcrafted beauties are made entirely of pieces of silk, linen, cotton, and upholstery fabric by Milkpod Studio. Milkpod also makes corsages, boutonieres, centerpieces, pomanders, and really sweet hair clips out of fabirc too.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jewel fit for a Princess: Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring

Prince Charles initially proposed without an engagement ring, Diana choose a engagement ring from a selection of rings provided by Garrard Jewelers, instead of a diamond she preferred sapphire engagement ring that weighed at an astounding 18 carats sapphire, oval shaped, deep blue colored, was surrounded by 14 small diamonds in an elegant cluster setting made of white gold.
Princess Diana's Engagement ring
It was a Garrard Jewelers design and her engagement ring was a piece in the Garrard catalog and could be purchased by anyone, for the hefty price of 28,000 British pounds, or the equivalent of $65,000 (at 1981 exchange rates).

The engagement ring created controversy in the royals and the public when it was found that it had not been custom designed for the Princess.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wedding Jewelry Trend for 2010

Diamond is hot this wedding season, though some people opt for colored gemstones or colored diamonds for their wedding bands & engagement rings.
Wedding Jewelry includes accessories that beautify the wedding dress and adds onto complete the look. Whether its hairpins or brochures or the diamond studded wedding dress pins, these accessories are sizzling this season.

The engagement rings & wedding bands magnify the loveliness of the wedding appearance and when studded with diamond adds to the perfection of the whole attire.

With incomparable beauty and stunning looks, Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands symbolize ageless bond and true love as diamonds remain untouched by the time.
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Friday, April 9, 2010


The chandelier trend continues this year. They're poping up on wedding stationary begining with the invitations and then carried on through to the programs, menus and labels for guest favours. We've seen them hung in tents for backyard weddings and from the branches of large trees around outdoor ceremony sites. Sometimes their use is practical, they provide lighting at night. Sometimes their sole purpose is decor. Regardless, when done right, incorporating chandeliers into your wedding can give it that chic vintage feel so many brides are after.

We just couldn't resist these images from Elizabeth Messina's wedding. Elizabeth collected the chandeliers for more than a year (many of them now hang in her home) to create this oh so chic setting. Wouldn't you just love to dine at that table?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This month's Wedding Dress Wednesday features Fifi, a beautiful strapless gown from Badgley Mischka Bride's 2009 Fall Line. The silk satin organza bow at the waist and the diagonal ruffles on the skirt give this gown a light flowy feel. Very romantic! Visit Badgley Mischka Bride to see their latest collection.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Q - We'd like to hold our wedding ceremony and reception in my parents backyard but hear that backyard weddings can be a lot of work. Can you help us with a list of items we'll need to rent and things we need to consider in order to make our wedding a success.

A - It's true, backyard weddings can be a lot of work but in our opinion they're worth it! The next post is for you.


Viva is a huge fan of backyard tented weddings. Simply put, we adore them. Everything about a backyard wedding makes us happy. The fresh air, the freedom of being outside, dancing the night away under the stars and the intimate feel they seem to have regardless of the number of guests present.

With all that goodness however comes a heck of a lot of work. Unless you've made it a habit of hosting large events in the past, chances are you don't have stored in your garage a tent, 30 tables, 300 chairs, a dance floor, and all the linens, dishes, etc, etc, etc needed to pull a backyard wedding off.

Unlike a downtown hotel or conference centre who because of the many events they host will already have these items on site, you'll need to bring them in yourself. Fortunately Ottawa is full of great rental places to help you out.

Thinking of having a tented backyard wedding? Here is a checklist of just a few items you'll need to rent and things to consider.

- Large enough to fit head table, all guest tables, dance floor, dj/band, stage/platform, cake table, gift table, bar, cruiser tables, lounge style seating, etc
- Weatherproofed (wind, rain resistant)
- Roll up sides/windows

Tent decor
- Ceiling swags
- Drapery for main entrance
- Drapery around support poles
- Chandeliers
- Paper lanterns
- Ground luminaries around perimeter and to create pathways
- Gobo or spotlights to project patterns on walls/floor/ceiling
- Flooring if ground is not firm
- Large potted flowers/plants/trees
- etc

Ceremony – once ceremony is over, tables rented for ceremony can be moved to reception site and used there
- Table to sign marriage certificate
- Table for sand ceremony, stone blessing, etc
- Table for programs, water bottles, etc
- Table for DJ/musician if required
Cocktail Hour
- Cruiser tables
- Guest tables
- Head table or sweetheart/couple’s table
- Table for escort cards
- Guest book table
- Tables for DJ
- Tables for bar
- Cake table
- Gift table

Ceremony – once ceremony is over, chairs rented for ceremony can be moved to reception site and used there
- Chairs for all guests
- Chairs for musicians
Cocktail Hour
- Lounge style seating
- Chairs for all guests
- Chair for DJ

- Table cloths
- Skirting
- Chair covers if required
Cocktail Hour
- Table cloths
- Table runners/overlays
- Cocktail napkins
- Table cloths for all tables
- Skirting
- Table runners/overlays
- Chair covers if required
- Dinner napkins

- Hors d’oevres for cocktail hour
- Plated/buffet/home style meal
- Coffee/Tea service
- Late night buffet
- All tableware (dinnerware, flatware, glassware)
- Cooks
- Area for cooks to cook/prep meal
- Servers
- Bartenders
- Bar area for bartenders
- Ice
- Garbage

Table top
- Centerpieces
- Table numbers
- Place cards
- Menus
- Guest favours

Dance floor


Lighting, sound system and electrical
- Microphone so guests can hear the officiant as well as the bride & groom
- Microphones/speakers for musicians
- Outlets for electrical
- Extension cords
- Microphone for speeches
- Lighting for evening receptions
- Outlets for electrical
- Extension cords
- Generator

Gift table
- Card box

Signing table
- Pen
- Guest Book
- Pens

- Rent portable washrooms
- Don’t forget lighting to/in washrooms for evening receptions

- Need sufficient space for all your guests to park
- Consider parking restrictions
- Parking signs to be posted or hire parking attendant to direct guests to parking
- Lighting to guide guests to their vehicles for evening receptions

- Portable heaters for cool evenings
- Lap blankets or wraps
- Fans if tent is not air conditioned

Bug Repellent
- Spray for bugs ahead of time
- Use citronella candles
- Rent bug zappers

- Special occasion permit (SOP)
- Liquor liability for private residence
- Party alcohol liability insurance

Noise restrictions

- If neighbours aren’t invited but may be affected by your wedding (more traffic/cars parked on the street, noise late into the evening) it’s common courtesy to let them know you’re hosting a big event

Disabled guests
- Walkways easily accessible for those in wheelchairs and using canes
- Appropriate washroom facilities available
- Rent small golf cart to transfer older guests if hilly/uneven terrain or great distance between ceremony and reception site

- Reception tent to double as ceremony area
- Ceremony to take place on dance floor
- One row of seating on each side of dance floor designated for parents/grandparents
- All other guests to either stand on dance floor or to be seated at assigned tables for duration of ceremony, mingle during cocktail hour and then be seated at same tables for dinner
- Keep extra umbrellas at entrance of tent for guests to use
- Tent
- In house
- Nearby heritage buildings, museums, etc

- Consider direction of chair set up (you don’t want your guests looking into the sun)
- Check with your photographer for picture purposes
- Set up a beverage station with pitchers of ice water and fresh cut lemons so guests can help themselves or provide bottled water
- Hand held fans
- Sunscreen
- Provide shaded area for your guests if you don’t want them in the main tent until dinner

- Make sure candles are protected by using hurricanes, lanterns, fishbowls, etc
- Use weighted vases for flowers on table tops
- Heavy centerpieces will help keep linens down, pin whatever can be pinned

Inform your guests
- Let you guests know in advance that they will be attending an outdoor wedding so they will be prepared and can dress accordingly