Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Engagement Rings & Heirloom Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a ring worn by women indicating that she is betrothed, or engaged to be married. Traditional, an engagement ring is a betrothed gift given by a man to a woman while proposing to her or after the woman accepts his proposal.
In countries like US and UK the engagement ring is wore in the left hand ring finger, while in other countries such as Poland, Ukraine the engagement ring is wore in the right hand ring finger.
Many families follow this tradition where couples know for years how special their parents’ marriage is and have dreamed of presenting their beloved the same ring to bring good fortune to their own union. Many parents or grandparents, enjoy passing on jewelry to bring blessings and good fortune upon a new union in marriage. This kind of rings is called the Heirloom Engagement Rings.
The design of the ring should be wearable and hassle-free. Angara has a unique collection of engagement rings that are designed considering the different likes of the wearer. From vintage to modern designs, it has all, at affordable prices.
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