Friday, September 30, 2011

How should the wedding cake

One of the most crucial parts of the wedding cake cutting ceremony, perhaps. If a wedding cake, wedding spectacular how much fun it is. A beautifully crafted wedding cake as a wedding stamp must hit both in appearance and taste. Wedding pastasında color is very important. Compatible with the groom and the bride's wedding clothes must be applied.

red wedding cakes

wedding cake

white wedding cake

wedding cakes


Elvis 'the Pelvis' Presley.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Love for the #SweetTweet - Shout Out to @yagernation

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Goodwood Revival Festival 2011 - part 1

Il Goodwood Revival Festival è una di quelle esperienze che consigliamo vivamente!
Nella splendida cornice della campagna inglese (2 ore da Londra, tra treno e bus) questo festival è davvero 'a magical step back in time'.
Auto, moto, aerei, gare (si svolge all'interno del tracciato di Goodwood), van, tutto riporta agli anni 40/50.
Molte le persone che indossano divise militari dell'epoca o comunque abiti vintage (è consigliato infatti sulla pagina web l'abbigliamento a tema).
C'è perfino un mini-supermaket con prodotti di quegli anni e sul bus navetta il bigliettaio è munito di macchinetta originale, di quelle con la rotella! Da non perdere.

Best wedding dresses pictures

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The Triton was a modified Cafe racer motorcycle of the 1960s-1970s. The name derives from a contraction of Triumph and Norton.
The intention was to combine the best elements of each to give a superior bike to either. The usual practice was to take the Triumph parallel twin engine and use it to replace the engine on a Norton "featherbed" framed motorcycle that was regarded as the best handling motorcycle of the day. The Triumph Bonnevilles engine that already had twin carburettors was a popular engine choice. This engine, as well as other Triumph twin-cylinder engines, gave good performance and reliability and could be easily tuned for greater power by the addition of high-profile camshafts, high compression pistons and twin carburettors or fuel injectors amongst the more common power contributing modifications.
Le Triton erano Cafe Racer modificate degli anni '60/'70. Il nome deriva dalla contrazione di Triumph e Norton. L'intenzione era quella di combinare i due elementi migliori delle Cafe Racer di allora, il motore Triumph Bonneville (performante ed affidabile, aveva il doppio carburatore ed era una ottima base per elaborazioni in chiave racing) ed il telaio featherbed, cioè letteralmente 'letto di piume', rinomato per la sua rigidità e per conferire alla moto una grande maneggevolezza...Una gran moto!

German Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses for German brides are not much unique, just more are simple styles,because German wedding are not too complex, they prefer simple!

Wedding in German, new couples just invite people they are close to, such as their family and close friends. Wedding place is small but very sweet and warm. Bride wear simple style wedding dress appearing at the wedding,beautiful and moving.

If you are a bride who are going to have your wedding in German,these wedding dresses below may help you!
These designer wedding dresses from:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Scrubs Star proposed with a 4 carat ring

The ‘Scrubs Star’ Donald finally proposed her long time girlfriend in August. And, that is too with a huge rock of diamond. Donald presented her celebrity girlfriend Cacee Cobb with a stunning 4 carats diamond engagement ring.
This gorgeous piece of ring came from the famous celebrity jeweler Jason Arasheben of Beverley Hills. The ring features a brilliant oval cut diamond as the center. Small round brilliant cut pave set diamonds beautifully collar the diamond at the center.
The diamond engagement ring is estimated to be approximately $150,000. A source said in an interview that, "Donald and Cacee designed the style of the ring together. She didn't know how big the stone would be or when she would get it! He wasted no time to propose!"
The bride to be recently tweeted, "I love how once you're engaged the only thing people ask is 'Have u set a date?' I don't know the first thing about planning a wedding."
Here is wishing both Cacee and Donald all the happiness!!

Hot Rod Racing

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rosa Clara bridal shoes 2011 collection

Except very beautiful wedding dresses, what ir the most necessary thing you should prepare one or two pairs? Bridal shoes!
Rosa Clara bridal shoes 2011 are the lucky products for brides-to-be! With very fashion design and high quality fabric, it occupies a lot of market when it appeared this year!

Stylish enough, brides can not help waiting to try. As we all know, we should prepare at least two pairs of shoes for the wedding! Just take a look at Rosa Clara bridal shoes 2011.
Rosa Clara bridal shoes 2011 collection

Bridesmaids gowns

Bridesmaids gowns

Bridesmaids gowns

Bridesmaids gowns

Bridesmaids gowns

Bridesmaids gowns

Bridesmaids gowns

Bridesmaids gowns

Bridesmaids gowns

Bridesmaids gowns

Bridesmaids gowns

! Brand new T-shirts !

Ladies & Gentlemen here we go!
We are happy to show you the brand new CaraibiRockers T-shirts:
The first one is about the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, the most prestigious and dangerous road race in the world (as you can read on the tee).
From 1907, first motorcycle road race in history, every TT edition is always spectacular and exciting, like nothing on earth!
And here we have the new grey/blue colour version of the'Soul Vanquishers' model!
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Excellent quality, unique style.
Queste sono le nuovissime T-shirt CaraibiRockers!
Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, qualcosa di indescrivibile, viscerale, una gara mozzafiato, un'isola, un sogno, come niente su questa terra...
E poi abbiamo la nuova e grintosissima versione in grigio del modello Soul Vanquisher, per tutti quelli che amano il genere marinaresco old style.
Non fatevele sfuggire, ordina la tua nuova T-shirt CaraibiRockers su

Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Wedding Dresses

It is close to October, a very suitable season for wedding!
It is neither hot or cold, very cool! Brides who are going to hold your wedding at this season are brilliant girls!

I recommend some wedding dresses for fall to you, you may get some ideas from them!

First, Vera Wang wedding gowns 2011 fall season

Second, Melissa Sweet fall wedding dresses

Three, La Sposa wedding gowns for fall 2011

Other famous brand:
christos fall 2011 wedding dresses
Nicole Miller wedding dresses
Which one suits you?