Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to find a Birthstone Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are definitely one of the most treasured and cherished pieces of jewelry for most women so when it comes to selecting the right ring a lot of responsibility is vested in the men to choose an engagement ring that is truly exceptional in not just beauty but also the feelings that it communicates. With the passage of time engagement rings have undergone a great deal of transformation and have evolved in every positive way. These days’ birthstone engagement rings are not just considered to be trendy but are also the right option if you want to balance looks as well as luck all in a single piece of birthstone jewelry, a stunning engagement ring for the woman you love.
January Birthstone Garnet Engagement Ring
February Birthstone Amethyst Engagement Ring
March Birthstone Aquamarine Engagement Ring
Like we all know birthstone jewelry is said to bring in loads of good luck to the wearer what can be a better way of expressing your love than with a ring that not only speaks volumes of your love for her but also combines a great deal of good luck for the lady who rules your heart. But before you begin your search for the most wonderful this one for your sweetheart, you need to first know what her birthstone is, so read on to know the spectacular birthstone that is meant to shower your beloved with a lavish dose of good luck.
April Birthstone Diamond Engagement Ring
May Birthstone Emerald Engagement Ring
June Birthstone Pearl Engagement Ring
The rich maroon garnet is the birthstone for January, while the soft colored amethyst stands for February. The alluring aquamarine is the birthstone for March and the dazzling diamonds are meant for all who are born in the month of April. The lush green emerald is the birthstone for May while the pristine pearls are for June and the ravishing red ruby is meant for all born in July. The charming peridot is the birthstone for August while it is the sensuous sapphire that is for September while the unique opal is for October. The sunny citrine is sure to bring loads of good luck for all born in the month of November while the magnificent turquoise or tanzanite is meant for all celebrating their birthdays in December.
July Birthstone Ruby Engagement Ring
August Birthstone Peridot Engagement Ring
September Birthstone Sapphire Engagement Ring
Now that you know your sweetheart’s birthstone it is time to pay attention to the other details involved in selecting the right birthstone engagement ring for her. To start with decide on the budget that you would like to allocate for the ring as it helps to narrow down your search for the right ring. Also keep in mind your lady’s sense of style and her taste in jewelry so that you can get her a ring in a design that captures her heart.
October Birthstone Opal Engagement Ring
November Birthstone Citrine Engagement Ring
December Birthstone Tanzanite Engagement Ring