Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Popular Engagement Ring Setting

You might think that size of the diamond, clarity and design is all that matters when buying an engagement ring. But, the fact is that the way a diamond is held or the setting of the diamond plays a vital role in define the beauty of an engagement ring. Here are some of the popular diamond settings
    round ruby curved shank ring
  1. Prong Setting – This is one of the most popular settings especially when it comes to diamond engagement rings. A prong setting use metal prongs that form a based in which a diamond is secured. The prongs are slightly bent at the top to secure the diamond at its place. The number of prongs usually ranges from 2 to 6.
    Oval Sapphire and Diamond Cathedral Ring
  2. Cathedral Setting – This setting might seem like prong setting at first look. However, it is quite unique and different. In a cathedral setting the shank of the ring splits to form arches. The open spaces and the beautiful arches lend an aesthetic and vintage appeal to the ring.
    Round Emerald Stackable Ring
  3. Bezel Setting – This setting places the diamond in a metal ring without using prongs. The metal ring that encompasses the center diamond secures the diamond at its place and keeps it from falling.