Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Isabella Cruise will soon spark an engagement ring

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman soon have a child bride. Their daughter Isabella Cruise has recently declared that she would soon get engaged to beau Eddie Frencher. Tom and Nicole are satisfied and happy with their daughter’s decision. Isabella and Eddie were dating for few years but they went public on Connor’s (Tom’s son) 17th birthday.
Isabella Cruise and boyfriend Eddie Frencher
Tom is delighted with his possible future son-in-law because he is a Scientologist. The 23-years-old indie musician said that his father introduced him to scientology and so he has been a scientologist for all his life. Tom Cruise is a Scientologist and this is one of the reasons why he is content with Isabella’s selection.
Though the couple won’t get married any time soon but they are getting serious about the relation. Isabella is Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman’s first adopted child. Tom and Nicole were divorced in 2001 after ten years of marriage.
Round Diamond Floral Ring in 10k White Gold Round Diamond Designer Ring in 14k White Gold Round Diamond Eternity Ring in 14k Yellow Gold
As the couple is on the primary stage of relation so they are giving enough time to each other to understand the things better. It looks like soon we’ll hear about a romantic and brilliant diamond engagement ring. But chances are that we might spot a promise sapphire or emerald ring on the couple’s fingers.
The Precious Ring Pear Emerald and Diamond Three Stone Ring in Platinum The Oval Summit Ring
Promise rings are a lovely way to state that you are in love and will soon get engaged. And as these gemstones symbolize the attributes of love, romance, growing relation, trust, commitment and devotion so they will make the perfect promise gift.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Types of Diamond Anniversary Rings

Anniversary Rings are generally given between wedded couples on their wedding date mostly after 1 year of successful marriage or a few years after the event. By exchanging these Anniversary rings couples endorse their loyalty and warmth for one another and their fortitude to make the marriage a real success.

 1. Anniversary band – Yellow gold - prong setting

 2. Eternity Band – round diamonds – channel setting

3. Anniversary Band – round diamonds – pave setting

4. Anniversary band – round diamonds – prong setting

5. Anniversary band – white gold – bezel setting

Monday, February 27, 2012


korean wedding dress
Hanbok is the name of traditional clothes of south korea. And Chosŏn-ot is the name of traditional clothes of north korea. So the wedding dress of korean is modification from hanbok and Chosŏn-ot clothes. And this is it,,, the beautifull design for wedding dress.
chinese wedding dress 
chinesse wedding dress identic with the red colour. all of the piece of the clothes is red. The red colour on the chinese culture is mean a happiness and spirit of life. So red colour always be found in chinese's clothes, homes, etc. 

indian wedding dress
indian wedding dress is full with accessories that made from the gold. you can see there are many bracelet, necklace, and the ornaments in the head. there are ull from the gold. indian also identic with the body painting. usually they make a body painting in the hand and foot.


Tips for a Perfect Bridal Makeup

Every woman wants to look perfect on her wedding day. Before that day, we make sure that everything is set - from the venue to the wedding gown. Of course, we should not forget about our makeup as this will complete our wedding-day look. You can hire a professional makeup artist or you can do the makeup yourself.

If you want your make to be done by a professional, you should schedule an appointment with the artist and discuss the event. Tell her the kind of look that you want on your wedding. You can scan magazines beforehand and show her your desired look so it will be easier for her to picture out your look. The venue and time for the wedding is very important because it has to match your makeup. If your wedding will be held after sunset, you can opt for a heavier makeup. If your wedding will have a beach wedding or a garden wedding, your makeup has to have a fresh appearance. Days before the actual event, have an appointment with your makeup artist and try to do your desired look to know whether there has to be changes.

NASA ISS On-Orbit position 26 February 2012

All ISS system go on to function supposedly, apart from those noted before or below. Sunday - Crew off duty. Ahead: Week 14 of increase 30 (six-person crew).CDR Burbank, FE-5 Kuipers & FE-6 Pettit each finished one more post-sleep session of the Reaction Self Test (Psychomotor Vigilance Self Test on the ISS) procedure, the 31st Dan, the 25th for Andre & Don. 

[RST is done two times daily (after wakeup & before bedtime) for 3 days previous to the sleep shift, the day(s) of the sleep shift plus 5 days following a sleep shift. The trial consists of a 5-minute response time job that allows crewmembers to monitor the daily effects of fatigue on performance while on ISS. The experiment provides object feedback on neurobehavioral changes in attention, psychomotor speed, state stability, and impulsivity while on ISS missions, particularly as they relate to changes in circadian rhythms, sleep restrictions, and comprehensive work shifts.]

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Long Summer Dresses for Hot Girls

I guess most girls love Summer, you know, throw the heavy clothes, sexy hot dresses instead, no more say, summer vacation! We choose amazing romantic beach town to enjoy our crazy night, party, or prom... Girls,, first of all, we must prepare enough sexy Summer outfits, short style, sexy lace... These years, long style dresses are more and more popular, I think every girl has a long dress for her beach holiday...that is true, right?

There are two in my wardrobe, one is pure white, the other is printing flower style, you know, one of the most modern elements recent years. How about you. you may think mine is too less...haha never mind, next, see the collection I prepare for you, any one style makes you excited...
Wow, I love the second above, and the second below... the last red one is great too...
These all normal styles, you can easily get them at any online store at low cost.
Oh, Summer...coming fast, OK? I can not wait....

Friday, February 24, 2012

Gathered: A Wedding Event (tonight!)

Join me this evening for a cozy little congregation of my favorite Portland-area wedding experts! Sip champagne, meet and greet, get inspired...see you at Ink & Peat!

Ghost in New Zealand.

Caroline just sent me these incredible photos of her New Zealand elopement. Now that's what I call a romantic setting for a runaway wedding. Best wishes, Caroline and Matt. xo

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mensusa- Trench stylish Coats for Men

Though you have a lot of ways by which you can avoid getting soaked in rain, stylish trench coats for men are one of the preferred ways to stay smart while it is raining. Though you have an option to carry an umbrella, it is a good choice to wear a trench coat on top of your suit to look outstanding. We can see many men choosing a dull looking trench coat that does not suit them at all in terms of size and look.
Men are fine with the fact that the trench coat is able to save them from the wetness and hence don’t care much about the overall look they earn from it. You might have seen several male models walking on the runway with stylish trench coats every season and we just stop there by admiring its smart look. How good it is to invest on an excellence good looking trench coat? We can say that it is as important as selecting a tux or a suit.
How will be to wear a nice three piece suit and end up covering it up totally with an standard looking ill fitting trench coat? You will have to make sure that you trench coat is well fitted for your physic and does not look as if you have borrowed it from your elder brother.
After all, you are hiding your good Mens suit with a trench coat and it is a good reason to buy a trench coat that look good or at least decent to be worn on top of such good clothing. You cannot expect people to look through your trench coat to find your costly suit being hidden pathetically. Browse through our website to find the right kind of channel coat for you at cheap rate that will stun you with quality and price tags.