Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sapphire engagement rings will continue shining brightly

Engagement rings have been a prominent part of wedding tradition from time immemorial. Diamond engagement rings are though the most loved ones but there are new emerging trends which might sweep your lady off the feet when you’ll propose her.
The Oval Summit RingThe Classic Three-Stone Ring
According to fashion forecast the hottest trend of 2012 will be sapphire engagement rings. Yes! The buzz of sapphire engagement rings has not stopped with Kate Middleton’s wedding; instead it is becoming a high fashion trend and will shine more in the coming wedding season.
The Diana Ring
Along with the magnificent hues sapphire rings lend an aura of unmatched designs. The royal looks of blue sapphire will shine even more brightly. But the trend won’t limit to blue ones, pink and yellow sapphire will also shine glamorously in the coming season.
Oval Sapphire and Diamond Designer Ring in PlatinumSquare Emerald Cut Sapphire and Diamond Border Ring in 18k White Gold
The wide and varied scope of styles, settings and designs in sapphire engagement rings will add more popularity to the fashion flair. Like vintage diamond rings and tanzanite rings antique sapphire rings will also be in rage. They will not only introduce the classic era in a colorful style, you can even bask into the glory of imperial edge in a more contemporary style.
The Riya RingThe Circle of Love Ring
The single stone bold sapphire rings with accented diamond bands will be the most sought after choice of bride-to-be. Halo style sapphire and diamond rings will also be liked by many and vintage style will be the preferred selection of those who want to get a distinctive delighting touch of style to their looks.
Sapphire engagement rings are just perfect for every day wear and they easily get mixed with you on the spot looks. So you won’t even complain about a right match. And you won’t have to spend much in endowing your loved one as they will be very less expensive than their diamond counterparts.