Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shop & Save on Gemstone Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is something that would be wore every day and cherished for a lifetime.The engagement ring designed by Angara; combines superb quality and unmatched brilliance with an economical price point that anyone can afford, they come in lab created as well as natural mined variant. If you have a liking towards gemstones, choose an engagement ring that has your partner’s birthstone for example the birthstone of May is Emerald and of April it is diamond. Some designs are displayed below, for the pleasure of viewing.
Oval-and-Round-Colombian-Emerald-Three-Stone-Ring-with-Diamonds-in-Platinum-(7X5-mm-3-mm)_ARW0467EH_Reg Price ranging between $599.99 to $1299.99
Oval and Round Emerald Three Stone Ring with Diamonds in 14k White Gold (7X5 mm, 3 mm)
Round-Ruby-and-Diamond-Three-Stone-Ring-in-Platinum-(5-mm)_SRW0553RH_RegPrice ranging between $599.99 to $1199.99
Round Ruby and Diamond Three-Stone Ring in 14K White Gold (5 mm)
Oval-Ceylon-Blue-Sapphire-Ring-with-Diamond-Accents-in-Platinum-(6x4-mm)_SRW0377SH_RegPrice ranging between $299.99 to $699.99
Oval Blue Sapphire Ring with Diamond Accents in 14k White Gold (6x4 mm)
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