Wednesday, April 4, 2012


While I have a few blog posts lined up to wow you with wonderful winter destination wedding locales, inspire you with breathtaking beach wedding ideas if you’re trying to escape from the cold, and even excite you with fun new accessories to funk up your shoes, I felt the need to put them all on hold as there was something much more important I wanted to blog about. A post that deserves much more attention. That post is THE BREAST DRESS PROJECT.

While October is known worldwide as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s unfortunately not the only month of the year that people are affected by it. Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer among Canadian females, affecting many thousands of women and their families each year and causing concern for millions more. Jamie is one of those women.

Last March, at the young age of 33, Jamie Johnston was diagnosed with breast cancer. She found a lump in her breast two years prior but because of her age the doctors told her it was nothing to worry about. When she was finally diagnosed in March, Jamie was Stage 2 and had to undergo chemotherapy treatment. In early December she finished her treatment and TBDP was born.

For those of you that don’t know Jamie, she and her husband Paul are the owners of Groovy Linen - suppliers of chair covers and table linens in the Ottawa area. Also well known in the wedding industry is Jamie’s friend Stacey Price - wedding coordinator and owner of Marry Me Productions. Together they launched TBDP in hopes of finding a cure for breast cancer.
The idea is for past brides to donate their previously worn (gently used) wedding dresses, TBDP will have them cleaned, and in turn new brides-to-be can buy these dresses at a discounted price with all proceeds raised going to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Here are Jamie & Stacey to tell you more about it!

Some researchers are working to learn more about what causes breast cancer so that one day it might be preventable. Others are finding new and better ways to detect, diagnose and treat the disease. Donating your dress to TBDP will allow the research to continue so that one day we can beat this for good.