Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Engagement rings are traditionally known as a symbol of love and proposing. A Diamond Engagement Rings have a very clear and distinct message to express about the wearer. When a man asks a woman for her hand in marriage and in life, this ring is offered. Traditionally, it symbolizes a lasting commitment between the partners and is considered the best token of ageless bond and true love as diamonds remains forever. But as victims of society, now every man is pressured to use the most expensive piece he can afford, typically a diamond ring. The general rule of thumb is two to three month’s salary to show his dedication and sincerity.
Diamond rings became a tradition when the first one was given by Archduke Maximilian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. Now it’s become a widely practiced ritual by nearly every culture in the world. A single 1 carat gem quality diamond as diamond engagement rings with round diamonds of one carat or higher are one of the most popular jewelry accessories. Here, are some of the most expensive engagement rings in the world that can burn a hole in any man’s pocket.
6. Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring: priced at $400,000
Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring
At number 6 is this ring with Yellow diamond looks classy mostly wore by the male celebrity on their special occasion. Baseball star Johnny Damon, actor Charlie Sheen and Eddie Murphy wore this ring on their engagement day. It is set with a 5.11 carats of diamond, this ring worth $ 400,000.
5. Asscher Cut Diamond: priced at $520.000
Asscher Cut Diamond
At number 5 we find this ring that was first developed in 1902, but the design was not perfect. Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon wore this ring when married to actor Ryan Phillipe. The beauty of this ring is completed with 10.19 carats of diamonds. This ring is sold for $520,000.
4. Secret Kiss of the Rose: $525,000
The Secret kiss of the Roses
Soccer star David Beckham brought this wedding diamond ring for Victoria Beckham for their wedding. The middle of the ring, has a 0.8 carat pink diamond surrounded by 4.15 carat of white diamonds that makes it very fascinating. This beautiful ring can be redeemed with a $525,000.
3. Internally Flawless: $1.3 million
Internally Flawless
This Platinum diamond ring is a collection of Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry House, Los Angeles. The middle of this ring is 5.98 carats of oval diamond and surrounded by ten 3.96 carat of round diamond, forming a flower. This ring is estimated at $ 1.3 million.
2. Tiffany Oval Diamond: $ 1.46 million and $800.000
 Tiffany-Oval-Diamonds Engagement Ring
This Tiffany diamond is with 14.79 carats of oval diamonds for $1.46 million and the ring on the right is 12.3 carats of shaped pillows diamond for $800,000.
1. De Beers Platinum: $1.83 million
De Beers Platinum Engagement Ring
Diamond in this ring is very captivating and has a perfect glitter. A diamond stone weighing 9 carats make this ring the most expensive engagement ring in the world. It’s worth it, sold at fantastic prices $ 1.83 million.