Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Halle Berry’s emerald engagement ring has ancient inspiration

It’s official now! The French actor Olivier Martinez had finally confirmed his engagement with the Bond girl Halle Berry. The two were though engaged over the holidays but neither of the two had confirmed the blissful news until now.
Halle Berry and her Fiance Olivier Martinez
And now it’s the actor turned restaurateur who at the opening of his restaurant Villa Azur in Miami finally declared his engagement.
He also addressed the rumors about the engagement ring according to which the ring was designed by the Paris based jeweler Robert Mazlo.
Martinez said that his Saint-Germain-des-Pres neighbor is a real artist whose generations have been designing jewelry for royals for centuries. And as we have gone through the details of the ring, we found that it is an ultimate piece of art by a ‘real artist’.
Berry’s engagement bauble has a hand-crafted yellow gold setting with engraved sentimental symbols that only she can comprehend. The design of the ring was actually inspired by ancient Phoenician tradition.
The two brilliant diamonds on the sides were added to give the contemporary glamor to the bling. And the most enticing feature of the ring was specially ordered from an old mine in Muzo, Colombia. The 4 carats center emerald stone is a stately piece of art.
Halle Berry Emerald Engagment Ring
Undoubtedly the mesmerizing emerald engagement ring of Berry from Martinez is an extraordinary antique piece of expression. Are you also shopping around for such old world charm which has the touch of tradition and the hint of fashion?
For a ring like this you should research some ancient styles and create a design with contemporary punctuation. You can even find a vintage inspired engagement ring from online store like Angara.com. In either way an ancient engagement ring is lovely way to express the serious sentiments in a more meaningful manner.