Thursday, August 4, 2011

How Much Should Men Spend on Engagement Rings


An engagement ring comes accompanied with a lot of feeling and emotions. It is an expression of love, a promise of togetherness, commitment and trust. The significance of an engagement ring is immense in a woman’s life and no matter how much jewelry she already has; there is a special place in her heart that is reserved especially for an engagement ring. Since the responsibility of selecting an engagement ring lies exclusively on the men, here are a few insights that help the men folk with the most critical question regarding an engagement ring which is, how much should one ideally spend on an engagement ring.


The expense involved in the purchase of an engagement ring is indeed a critical matter that deserves to be carefully thought over before you actually go ahead with the shopping. The most common reference that we hear is that a man should spend close to two to three months of his salary on an engagement ring for his sweetheart. Although this is most often followed it is nothing but a phrase coined by the jewelry companies who are intent on sprucing their engagement ring sales.


The amount that one should spend on an engagement ring is a very personal matter which varies from person to person. The most basic fact is that you should be comfortable with the amount of money you want to allocate for the engagement ring and you must base your search for the perfect engagement ring based on this. But of course you must keep a few things in mind like the taste and preference in jewelry that your lady has so that the ring that you get for her is close to what she would select herself. An engagement ring should also be one that flatters her personality so you must do a little homework on the kind of ring that would be ideal for the woman you love.


It is always wise to look around a little before going ahead with the buy, so visit the nearby jewelry stores and get an idea about engagement rings and how much one may cost. You should also visit a few online jewelry retailers who specialize in engagement rings. More often than not you are sure to find a deal that not only suits you but is also lucrative. Only after having done some looking around should you settle for the engagement ring that is not only beautiful and suits your sweetheart but is also within your means.


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