Friday, July 3, 2009

Things to Remember Before Purchasing a Crochet Wedding Dress

By Scott Nichols

Before ordering a crochet wedding dress, you'll have to keep in mind that the dress must be ordered way before the actual wedding because a lot of time is needed for the dress to be finished on time. But for how long? It solely depends on the number of workers who will work on your wedding dress.

Antique crochet wedding dresses can be ordered pre-made already. You can order them from wedding outlets that offer pre-made resses. These dresses are handcrafted, this aspect of the dress adds so much value that it is often considered a precious family heirloom or prized possessions.


Accessorizing your crochet wedding dress is your chance to get creative. It's nice to keep almost everything crochet, like a crocheted headpiece with a crocheted veil. You'll need to make sure that the thread is lightweight so it won't be too heavy. If you want a veil made from tulle or organza, try incorporating crochet details around the edges. Try accessorizing the way the Irish originally accessorized a crochet wedding dress. Whatever suits your sense of style will certainly work with your dress.

Some brides prefer not to wear a veil so why don't you try putting a bunch of flowers on your hair. Try substituting those traditional fresh flowers with crocheted, pearl or crystals for a more elegant feel. Crocheted fabrics can be pretty challenging, always make sure that whatever accessory you add goes well with the wedding dress.

Dress Styles

For your crochet wedding dress, you can virtually choose any style that you prefer, just bear in mind that it should sport a full skirt, the lining needs to be stiff enough so that the dress falls gently to the floor. During the late 1800s, these dresses were in great demand because of the exemplary crocheting skills the Irish produced. A few antique Irish crocheted wedding dresses still exists today, they are preserved well and can be seen in some museums.

Your crochet wedding dress is a good opportunity for you to express yourself through tradition and style. One really good thing about crocheted dresses is that you can customize it to fit you perfectly.

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