Monday, July 20, 2009

"Something Old" For the Bride

By Laura Firenze

Every bride who wants to ensure the best possible start to her marriage is familiar with the old saying, "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue". The new part is easy, but what about the old? Take a look at this list of suggestions that you can use.

The reason behind wearing something old for your wedding is to have a link to your heritage. It is even better if the old item has particular sentimental value to you or to the person from whom you get it. Brides will often start with their families when they are seeking out old items, but if nothing inherited presents itself, it is perfectly fine to seek out a vintage item to add to your wedding ensemble.

The most traditional something old is your mother's wedding gown. Sentimental value aside, many brides initially shudder at the thought of wearing their mom's old wedding dress (especially if she was married in the 1970s!), but do not be so quick to dismiss it out of hand. If your mother is willing, it is often possible to dramatically overhaul a vintage wedding gown to give it a more contemporary flair. Not only will you be fulfilling the "something old" requirement, but you will end up with a one-of-a-kind gown in the process.

If this simply is not your style, another nice idea is to steal a little piece of lace or fabric from your mother's wedding gown to incorporate into your bridal ensemble. A bit of lace could be stitched to the inside of your train, or you could use a larger piece of fabric from your mom's wedding dress to make a little drawstring purse to carry your essentials. Some brides might prefer not to wear their mom's gown, but might be able to work with her veil. Don't forget to ask your grandmother, as well. She may just have a gorgeous handmade Belgian lace veil tucked away in her attic just waiting for you to wear it.

Another popular and sentimental choice for the bride's something old is family jewelry. Many a bride has worn her mother's strand of pearls on her wedding day. When you are planning to wear an antique or vintage piece of jewelry, be sure to have a reputable jeweler inspect it before the big day. It is very common for older pieces to need a little maintenance, like re-stringing a pearl strand. Often brides will choose one heirloom piece of wedding jewelry to wear in combination with a new piece of handcrafted bridal jewelry. You can have a pair of earrings or a necklace handcrafted especially to coordinate with the vintage bridal jewelry to add your own style to your accessories.

Vintage jewelry doesn't always have to be worn on your body to qualify as your "something old". An antique brooch looks wonderful pinned to the ribbon wrapped around the stems of the flowers in your bouquet. If there is not a spectacular heirloom brooch in your family, it is easy enough to track one down in an antique store, flea market, or online. You might even find this detail to be so pretty that you want to find vintage brooches to adorn the bridesmaids' bouquets as well.

Almost anything can count as your "something old", though ideally it would have sentimental meaning or at least be very beautiful. It is wonderful to have this connection to your heritage or to brides from the past. Paying homage to the past is a great way to launch your new future.

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