Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Classic Bride

By Laura Firenze

What makes something a classic? It is its timeless style, easy grace, and above all, impeccable good taste. Classic is a word that gets thrown around a lot in the bridal world (second only to "casual elegance", perhaps), but it is an idea that can never be overused and can never appear dated or out of style. Here then, is your guide to the classic bride.

One of the hallmarks of a classic bride is that the gown she wears today will look just as stylish when she looks back at her wedding album in twenty years. Classic styles are meant to last; they are never faddish, trendy, or avant garde. A classic wedding gown may never be the height of fashion at any given moment, but nor will it suddenly be out of style the following year. Classic style is enduring, and not subject to the whims of current trends.

So, what exactly does a classic wedding gown look like? It is white or ivory, created from a fine fabric like pure silk, is very well-crafted, and has a cut that is appropriately demure for a bride, but not necessarily completely covered up. This style of gown may have some subtle embellishments, like a pearl border at the waist or some exquisite lace appliques, but it is not going to be covered with lots of glitz or heavy adornments. The classic bride prefers a fresher and cleaner gown, such as a simple white silk mikado strapless gown with an A-line skirt and a satin band at the top of the bodice.

If there is one thing that absolutely screams "classic bride", it has got to be pearl bridal jewelry. From the traditional strand of pearls, to the cultured pearl bridal earrings, to a simple pearl bracelet, the timeless elegance of pearls is always classic and utterly timeless. The wonderful thing about these special pieces is that their beauty and style will stand the test of time. The pearl bridal earrings that you wear for your own wedding will look just as lovely when your own daughter gets married in thirty years. That is a great reason to invest in quality pieces, because you will find them to have lasting value.

Once a classic bride has found her perfect gown and jewelry, it is time to address some of the other details that make up a wedding. The bridal bouquet is really another accessory, and so it should be designed to complement the rest of the wedding ensemble. Classic wedding flowers include roses, tulips, peonies, ranunculus, and hydrangea. The exotic nature of orchids or the super casual look of wildflowers would make them the wrong choice for a traditional bridal bouquet.

Of course, white is the most traditional color of all for wedding flowers, but a bride need not limit herself quite so strictly. Almost any color of the above flowers would make a perfect bouquet when they are arranged into a round nosegay consisting of a single type of flower. Pink is the most popular color after white, but you could also consider choices like yellow tulips, blue hydrangea, or rich red peonies (so much less cliched than red roses).

The classic bride can finish off her look with a simple veil and a fantastic pair of bridal shoes. Being a young woman with classic taste, you will find it fairly easy to winnow through the accessories that are too gaudy, or that just don't feel quite right. With your beautiful gown, lovely flowers, and perfect accessories, you will look like the picture of timeless elegance on your wedding day.

Laura is interested in wedding planning and wedding trends including jewelry,receptions and gifts. Treat yourself and your bridesmaids to classic pearl bridal earrings.