Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Trendy non-traditional engagement rings

It’s time to go with something new and more colorful. The designer engagement rings studded with gemstones other than diamonds are in vogue. It’s not a new thing as gemstone engagement rings were quite popular in old days. But the trend is becoming more popular now. Sapphire, ruby and emerald engagement rings were the part of many celebrities’ life.

Queen Victoria had customized a serpentine engagement ring studded with emerald and Princess Diana had chosen a vibrant sapphire engagement ring for her engagement to Prince Charles. How can we miss the iconic Jacqueline Kennedy who was given an emerald and diamond ring as an engagement present!

Princess Diana Sapphire Engagement Ring

It’s not only the lavish past but the luxurious present of celebrities is also filled with many examples of non-traditional diamond engagement rings. Heather Mills’ simple yet beautiful sapphire engagement ring from Sir Paul McCartney is one in million and Tara Reid’s 12 carat bezel set citrine ring is just outstanding.

jessica simpson with ruby engagement ring

Jessica Simpson’s 5 carat passionate ruby and diamond ring is iconic and the 3 carat vintage style sapphire engagement ring of Penelope Cruz is the bold and romantic expression of eternal love.

It’s not just celebrities who are going crazy for color gems rings; people are choosing these rings for many reasons. Firstly they are the best suitable and less pricey replacement of their diamond counterparts. Secondly, they just add the spectrum of sparkle and hues to anybody’s persona. The designs are unlimited and great variety of gems is available to select from.

Emerald Cut Emerald and Diamond Three Stone Ring in Platinum

You can even go for birthstone engagement ring to symbolize your special care and lasting bond with your sweetheart. The gemstone engagement rings are unique and elegant and lend a beautiful impact on style. Also they never go out of fashion and perfectly compliment everything in your wardrobe.

So for symbolizing your love in the most notable manner, pick a colorful engagement ring and enjoy the glowing smile on her face.