Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pave Engagement Ring Styles

Pavé setting is one of the most beautiful and intricate varieties of setting that lend a unique look to jewelry especially rings. Pavé setting is in fact quite often used to create some breathtaking engagement rings . Pavé is derived from the French word meaning’ pavement’ which is what a pave setting looks like, a shimmering pathway of diamonds set closely.
In a typical pavé setting tiny diamonds are set close together on the metal surface to give the appearance of a seamless flow of diamonds and any gap between the stones is sealed with tiny metal balls which further enhance the beauty of this fascinating setting.
Pavé setting looks exquisite especially in engagement rings and there are various styles of pavé set engagement rings, few of which are mentioned below.
The most popular variety of pavé set engagement rings is the full pavé engagement ring in which diamonds are pavé set along the entire dimension of the ring and there is no break in the endless array of finely set diamonds encircling the ring. This variety of pavé set engagement rings look immensely beautiful and extremely grand. However not all women prefer this variety as these rings tend to look too elaborate and heavy and are not quite suitable for everyday wear.
The half  pavé style of engagement rings are the most popular ones where diamonds are  pavé set on the top half of the engagement ring. With a shimmering center stone grabbing `ll the attention the smaller pavé set diamonds surrounding it from both sides add to the ring’s beauty and dazzle. Not only do these rings look stunning, they are also more practical as part of everyday jewelry.
Vintage pavé set engagement rings have an exclusive appeal that is simply irresistible. Most engagement rings of this particular style boast of a colored center stone with pavé set diamonds embedded on the sides to create a look that is simply breathtaking.
The split shank pavé set engagement rings look elaborate as well as exquisite where the center stone leads the way for two bands to branch out lending a unique look to the ring especially if the split shanks are embedded with shimmering pavé set diamonds.
Irrespective of the variety of pavé set engagement rings one thing that can be said for sure about this variety is that they look magnificent and there is hardly a woman who will not succumb to the charm of this variety of engagement rings.
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