Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Shopping For Antique Wedding Gowns

By Scott Nichols

Ever since the vintage trend came into town, antique wedding gowns have been coming off the rack like crazy. Considering how beautiful and elegant most antique wedding gowns are, it's not really much of a surprise why it's such a hit with the people.

Options for You.

If you happen to be one of the bride-to-bes craving for the perfect antique wedding gown for the perfect wedding, you'll need to know a few options like The Vintage Wedding Dress Company, a company that takes the time to search for gorgeous vintage dresses for people just like you.

They have a wide array of vintage gowns for the women who would love to be dressed in completely original and one-of-a-kind pieces for their wedding; these garments come from London, Paris and all over the United States. The dresses can be from the early 70s to the 20s, if you really want the ultimate vintage dress, they offer gowns from the Victorian era.

Before Buying

Before buying your dream antique wedding gown, you'll have to seriously take a few things into consideration. Antique gowns are obviously pretty old, it tends to be very fragile, and evidently has been through a bit of depreciation, and thus it needs a lot of tender loving care. Unlike brand new dresses, you'll need to take the precaution of carefully inspecting the garment, note down stains and see if it could be washed off, be on the look out for moth holes too.

Always purchase your gown from an esteemed seller, if possible, one that you are already acquainted with or simply someone you can trust. Antique wedding gowns have this tendency of being a lot more expensive than regular gowns, since your paying a hefty amount, might as well be sure that you get your money's worth by getting the dress with the best quality.

Nothing beats your local vintage store for the antique wedding gown of your dreams, keep in mind that you need to be on the look out for any sign of wear. Avoid buying dresses that have stains or are in need of repair, vintage fabrics are difficult to match with modern fabrics, so if you plan on repairing the dress, it is very unlikely that you'll be able to fix perfectly.

Make sure you fit the dress before buying it. Don't trust the sizes on the tags because the clothing industries have been adjusting sizes because women have become taller and thicker. So if you're a size 6, the same size in the 30s wouldn't fit you the same way. Check if alterations are possible, make sure it fits flawlessly.

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