Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Who knew that when the cupcake craze hit Ottawa a few years back it would turn out to be more than just a passing fad lasting a season or two at best. Whether they're replacing the traditional cake at your wedding or simply being served as part of the late night buffet, cupcakes are here to stay.

The cupcake has really evolved over time. From the mouth watering choices in flavours of cake and icing to the many creative ways to decorate and display them, there's no such thing as the "standard" cupcake anymore.

Along with the evolution of the cupcake is the evolution of places you can now get them. The Ottawa area is full of great shops that create these yummy treats!! Here are just a few - The Cupcake Lounge, The Flour Shoppe, The Girl With The Most Cake, Isobels, Little Cakes and The Lush Cake.